"Choosing a profession largely determines the entire future path of man, so this important step should be done very carefully. Properly chosen profession transforms the choice into the destiny" 

Geography Department of the National Taras Shevchenko University in Ukraine is a leading educational and research center. The science of geography received considerable attention in Kyiv University since its establishmentToday, the Faculty of Geography includes 8 departments where specialists in 20 specialties and specializations are studyingThese departments are: Economic and Social Geography, Regional Geography and Tourism, Geography of Ukraine, Physical Geography and Geoecology, Geosciences and Geomorphology, Meteorology and Climatology, Hydrology and Hydroecology, Geodesy and Cartography. 


According to the latest curricula, the Faculty of Geography prepares most of its students at the levels of bachelor, specialist and master, in the following classic and new specialties and specializations: 

  • Regional development management
  • Development of productive forces and the regional economy.
  • Geomorphology and quaternary geology.
  • Paleogeography and paleoecology.
  • Pedology and land resources management.
  • Geography of Ukraine.
  • Geographical local area studies.
  • Geography of recreation and tourism.
  • Natural management for recreation and ecotourism.
  • Constructive geography.
  • Landscape planning
  • International environmental cooperation.
  • Geoecology.
  • Regional geography and international studies.
  • Science of tourism.
  • Meteorology (environmental and synoptic meteorology).
  • Cartography.
  • Land management and cadastre.
  • Hydrology and hydrochemistry (hydroecology).
  • Political geography and geopolitics


Students select a desired profession at the first course. The fundamental science establishes the basis for profound professional training of students: they learn physical, economic and social geography, geology, geomorphology, meteorology, climatology, hydrology, pedology and biogeography, physical geography of continents and oceans, economic and social geography of foreign countries, landscape ecology, topography, cartography, geodesy, aerospace research methods, geoinformatics etcFuture geographers also study the socio-economic disciplines, mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, psychology, pedagogy, logic. All students became acquired with modern computer programs. 


Deep exploration of the continents,oceans,countries etc. is impossible without the knowledge of foreign languages, and for study of them at the Faculty of Geography is paid much attention. 


Young geographers learn the nature and economy during the training and manufacturing practices. They are held on special bases in some scenic areas of Ukraine – in the Kaniv Nature Reserve, in the Ros River Valley (town of Bohuslav), Ukrainian Carpathians (upper course of rapid Black Tisa). Students have to overcome long distances on foot, climb steep slopes and peaks. Geographer must be a good athlete. Otherwise it is difficult to first-year students to pass geological, hydrometric, meteorological, soil, botanical, topographic and special education practices. 


Geographical Faculty maintains constant relations with foreign universities: Jagiellonian (Poland), Debrecen (Hungary), Munich (Germany), geographical faculties/departments in the USA, the Great Britain, the Russian Federation,Belarus, Slovakia and other countries 

“Various ways are travelled by our graduates, from southern latitudes to northern seas...” These words from the "Geographers’ Anthem" characterize the places of work of our graduates: they explore Ukraine, take part in the expeditions to the Arctic and different oceans; since 1996 they investigate Antarctica at the "Vernadsky" stationThey work in educational institutions in project investigation and research, nature conservation agencies, meteorological and hydrological expeditions and stations weather services and observatories, Map Service of Ukraine, mapping factories, economic institutions, state government and regional governments, tourism organizations and firms, commercial establishments. 

Yours Faithfully, the Dean of Geographic Faculty, Professor

Yaroslav Oliynyk